untappd_FlagshipFLAGSHIP - Our golden-colored cream ale, brewed in a similar manner to the crisp lagers of continental Europe, offers great balance between malty sweetness and noble hop bitterness. This gold-medal winning cream ale is the perfect session beer for any occasion. Available on draft and in 12-ounce cans. 4.9% ABV • 22 IBU  


untappd_jennyFLYING JENNY -  An unfiltered extra pale ale crafted with five different malts and complimented by northwestern hops make this brew one to enjoy year-round. Generous amounts of hops in the kettle and fermenter give our EPA a citrusy and floral flavor and aroma. Available on draft and in 12-ounce cans. 6% ABV • 54 IBU



untappd_HazyDayHAZY DAY - This Belgian Wit summer offering is representative of the white beers made in the Wallonia      region of Belgium. The pronounced yeast characteristic and subdued spicing of our Belgian Wit offer a refreshing, unfiltered beer… perfect for those hot Summer days. Available May to August on draft only and in 16-ounce cans. 4% ABV • 20 IBU


untappd_AutumnWindsAUTUMN WINDS – This Oktoberfest-style ale, brewed with five premium German malts, create a bready aroma, dense creamy head and brilliant garnet red color. Hallertau and Saaz hops compliment the nutty and biscuit-like malt presence while a touch of caramel and moderately dry finish continue to balance out this full-bodied beer. Available September to November on draft only and in 16-ounce cans. 5.8% ABV • 27 IBU


untappd_leaningchimneyLEANING CHIMNEY - Our winter seasonal is brewed in the robust porter style using peat-smoked malt. The addition of American hops create a piney-resin flavor with a smooth finish. Copious amounts of black malt lend to a khaki-colored head and dark chocolate backbone. Available December to February on draft and in 16-ounce cans. 6% ABV • 34 IBU


untappd_StargazerSTARGAZER - Our limited-release Imperial Stout was brewed with nine different malts and Northern Brewer, Willamette, and Saaz hops, resulting in hints of rich cacao, roasted coffee and dark fruit. Several months of bottle-aging give this one-off a silky smooth finish. Available on draft and in 22-ounce bottles while supplies last. 9.7% ABV • 65 IBU


untappd_1stAnniversary1ST ANNIVERSARY – Our first year anniversary Imperial Pilsner is an unfiltered, hopped-up lager brewed with true German malt. Hallertau hops, added twice in the fermenter, give this special brew plenty of flavor and aroma while maintaining a drinkable presence. Available on draft and in 22-ounce bottles while supplies last. 7.4% ABV • 61 IBU


untappd_gourdieGOURDEMYCES – This Beervana Fest-only sour pumpkin was an experimental brew three years in the making.  We started off by blending three separate wild yeast fermentations and distributed them between two beers brewed with fresh and pureed pumpkin and cooking spices and a wet-hopped wild ale. 8% ABV • IBU unknown


untappd_blondeBRING BACK THE BEACH - This charitable blonde ale was brewed with the intention of donating all the proceeds to the Greater Westerly Chamber Foundation to help rebuild businesses affected by Hurricane Sandy. It was made with just two different malts and 100% Cascade hops to keep costs down but flavor up. 5% ABV • 15 IBU


untappd_flandersCIEL ROUGE A NUIT - Our Flanders-Style Red was brewed using a “sour mash” method with 6 different grains, lightly hopped and finished with a Belgian yeast, giving this limited-offer brew plenty of tartness with a slightly-oaked finish. Available on tap and in 750ml champagne bottles while supplies last. 5% ABV • 15 IBU


_2ndAnniversary2ND ANNIVERSARY - This brew is our take on a Belgian quad. The large portion of dark candi syrup & three Belgian yeasts showcase a range of dark fruit flavors and aromas of cherries, figs & prunes. Bottle conditioning allows this beer to be enjoyed fresh or aged for your own special occasion. Available Nov. 2013 while supplies last. 9.5% ABV • 25 IBU

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